Avoiding Burnout
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This is a brief outline of our 1/2day and 1-hour conference presentation on Resilience.

Part One – The History of Stress and Resilience?

The word stress is searched 9,140,000 times a month on Google, yet there are so many myths about the subject that affect our thinking on the subject… in this first part of the presentation we take a quick look at the history of stress and set up some of the myths for a closer look.

Part Two – The Role of Sleep and Fatigue!

We’ve spent a lot of time coaching individuals around the subject of resilience and top of the list is the challenge of getting a great nights sleep. It can’t be overestimated how valuable proper rest is when it comes to maintaining personal resilience.  We’ve drawn together the best research on the matter and plan to get you thinking about counting sheep and catching your eight hours.

Part Three – The Brain’s Role in Resilience – Meet your Amygdala!

What happens to our decision making ability in the presence of fear and or anxiety.  We look at some of the sneaky things our brain gets up to when we perceive stress and what we can learn from resilient individuals when they are faced with the same challenges.  We’ll visit  catastrophic thinking and mind reading and a few other tricks our amygdala likes to use to get our attention.

Part Four – Immunity to Change – What we can learn from Cardiac Patients?

Cardiologists tell us that only one in seven cardiac patients are compliant with their life saving medication!  So what can we do to overcome a reluctance to personal change, especially around activities like sleep, diet, exercise, relaxation and meditation.  We’ll finish our presentation by running you through the well proven Immunity to Change exercises – and leave you with an insight into how to get your goals back on track.