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So what do I do? 

I’ve been working with leaders for over 35 years. Leaders at the start of their career on leadership and graduate development programmes in medicine, construction, tourism, aviation and manufacturing. I also work with senior leaders at the C-Suite level for one to one coaching and team development.
Combining experience as a trainer, broadcaster and business owner I enjoy building rapport with various groups from independent European filmmakers to Clinical Directors in medicine and I’ve developed seminars and workshops to develop resilience and leadership characteristics at all stages in a leaders development.
I regularly address conferences on resilience and negotiation skills and can do this for your next event. Our leadership training and coaching has an insight into leading the current workforce. Different generations aren’t different species but you have to learn to adapt your style.
Millennials are becoming the largest demographic in the workplace. Managers and leaders of all ages have struggled to find the best way to connect with this group and can fail if they depend on stereotypes.
If you are leading people born between 1980 and 2000? Then it’s very likely that some of your own inherent leadership skills may not be sufficient. Talk to me about skilling up

Michael Comyn Trainer Broadcaster & Coach

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MIchael as a Trainer

A Master Trainer

Michael has been training since 1986 and is known for his ability to establish rapport and engagement across all levels of an organsiation.

Michael as a COACH

An EQ Coach

As a Coach he has worked from C-Suite level to young graduates and quickly builts trust and engagement.

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