Leadership Development

Leadership & EQ Specialist

Using a combination of the latest in leadership Psychometrics from Korn Ferry Talent Q and tailored workshops we can facilitate leadership development for your team.

The psychometrics are taken online and allow us to create a set of competencies you consider essential in your organisation for great leaders – we then compare the course members results with this data and use it to help you grow and develop future leaders. We can also compare the data of all participants as a team and highlight strengths and shortfalls.

If there is a shortfall in the group on any of these traits an awareness of this combined with an action place will be put in place by the end of the session.

The eight traits are; Networker, Creator, Driver, Organiser, Team-builder, Implementer, Evaluator and Completer. This snapshot of the team is very valuable and in particular it should indicate traits and competencies that can be shared amongst the team , encouraging them to avoid silo behaviour in their day to day management.

The workshops are highly interactive and provide an opportunity to calibrate your team to the organisations goals and vision.  As part of these tailored workshops we can also arrange one to one coaching and debriefing for participants.

Talk to Michael about how this might be an option for your leadership teams.