New Media Training

Leadership & EQ Specialist

New Media Coaching was set up as part of the Fearless Organisation to service the growing demand for presenter coaching for new media platforms. We offer this coaching on-site and in-studio locations. For years now people have gone on presentation skills courses, practiced their PowerPoint ® skills and over a period of time gained confidence in presenting…at least people don’t fall asleep anymore. Now, there are new challenges.
Podcasts and a variety of new media platforms mean that presenters need all the skill and practice of professional broadcasters to make sure their message is not diluted by amateur presentation techniques, poor audio and video and a total loss on connection to remote audiences.
Michael Comyn is a broadcaster and trainer with over 30 years experience in radio and television presentation and he has put together a number of programs to support you on the new media platforms. //New Media Coaching can enable you to formulate your message, choose your platform and above all present with confidence in live conference calls, video presentations, and broadcast media. You will learn:
• Message Formulation
• Building Rapport remotely
• Use of Video and Audio Space
• Presentations Techniques including projection and stage presence
• Reading from AutoCue® and Tele-prompt.
Option One – We all started somewhere! This is a one-day seminar for up to eight participants – we start by working on message formulation, progress to personal style and projection and end with each presenter on their feet presenting to the group in the room. The presentation is recorded for feedback and evaluation. This option can be done on-site as studio facilities are not required. This would be a great starting place for presenters with little experience who need support and training in the basics where audio is the key medium used.
Option Two – Intermediate- here we go again! At this level we expect you to turn up on the day with your presentation done, you will have some presentation experience with small to medium-sized groups and will have presented on your feet for at least an hour to a group either live or via conference call. On this session, we are working with your personal style, your stage presence and your ability to hold attention, field questions and achieve your presentation objective. Again, this session can be done on-site in a studio environment for a great experience of presenting on new media platforms.
Option Three – Master Caster – is that my key light? For option three we can work with two to eight people – we expect that you have completed presentation skills training elsewhere or our intermediate course and have some miles on the clock when it comes to presentations. At this level, you will be working in the studio for the day. You will host a webinar broadcast, read from Tele-prompt and the whole focus on the day is remote presentation skills. Contact Michael to talk through the costings and options for your group.