Stand and Deliver

Our more popular course, specifically designed for people with some presentation skills  (most of which have been self-taught).
This full-day / half-course equips you with the tools to speak confidently with the minimal use of PowerPoint in a structured and effective manner. This is also excellent as a foundation for high-level presentations. Every training session is tailored to your organization, your services, and people. Step by step, we take your clients through the structure and planning of a presentation and then through the delivery and review process.  A large part of the course is devoted to practice delivery with “Masterclass” reviews and feedback with Michael Comyn. By the end of this course participants you will have:
  • Benchmarked and modeled your skills against experienced presenters and pick up new ideas
  • Developed confidence in presenting with little preparation
  • Used rhetorical techniques like the best speakers do
  • Made your presentations engaging and motivating
  • Adjusted your message and style to suit the situation
  • Know how to inspire others, introduce change and deliver bad news effectively
  • Handle tough questions and difficult audiences
  • A Life after PowerPoint.
  Confident presenting is an essential business skill. Whether you’re delivering a client presentation or speaking internally, presentation skills are crucial – and many people have a real fear of public speaking. You can feel self-conscious, often showing this in your body language or a wavering voice. This highly practical presentation skills training, with extensive use of feedback, will help you develop confidence, give you some great personal tips and show you how to come across clearly and with enthusiasm.